Come Ramzan and we spend our days diligently fasting from sunrise so it’s only fair to celebrate the setting sun as we take cue to sit down for iftaar.  They say you never feel your best unless you look your best so wipe off that starved look from your face and put on your best outfit to celebrate the first sip of water after a long day of fasting!

Here’s everything you’re going to need to stay in style this Ramzan:

Tulip shalwars

01 Tulip-Shalwar---Image-Fabrics

Comfy and breezy, tulip shalwars are the talk of town this summer. Not only do they look stylish, they also go well with all your iftaar-apt kurtas and more. These white cotton tulip pants by Image Fabrics are a definite essential.

Sheer flared pants

02 bootcut-sheer-detail-trousers---Rema-Luxe

Flared pants are back from the 90s and we couldn’t be happier about it. But add in a few sheer details and you have the perfect amalgamation of chic and modest – exactly what we’re going for this month. Go on and order your very own chevron detailed boot cut trousers from Rema Luxe.

Slip-on khussas

03 Slip-on-khussas---chapter-13

Khussas are the new obsession and everyone is either making them or wearing them. We suggest you pick up a pair that comes with a twist. These slip-on Khussas with Multani Kashi Kari by Chapter 13 are not only easy to wear all day long but they also come with an adorable pompom that describes our mood for iftaar.

Funky scarves

04 Funky-scarf---Elan

Every Pakistani girl will swear by the multi-purpose function of a scarf. Wear it on your head or throw it around your neck – it is guaranteed to brighten up your outfit and mood. Our next purchase is definitely going to be the Moon Dance scarf by Feeha Jamshed.

Belted tops
05 belted-top---sana-safinaz

If loose and carefree is your style this summer, then what you need to feel stylishly adequate is the kurta belt. Take a colourful one off your jeans or get a custom organza belt for added detail, like these Sana Safinaz ensembles, and belt those tops and kurtas up to look extra sassy while you feast!


06 Wrap-arounds---Generation

To express our feelings about a lawn wrap-around we would say: it’s ethnic, it’s relaxed and it’s awfully cool! If you’re not wearing one of these this month you’re seriously falling short on your nifty points. Grab this royal blue piece by Generation to add to your Ramzan wardrobe now.